Sidamo Coffee

Sidamo was a province in the southern part of Ethiopia. Its name has it’s from a native ethnic group of Ethiopia, called Sidama, which are located in the south-central part of the country.

Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe zone officially called Gedeo is a zone within the state of Southern Nations and Nationalities People’s Region. Yirgacheffe- which is a woreda (district) within the Gedeo Zone.

Djimma Coffee

Djimma Coffee is grown in the Illubabor and Kaffa regions of Ethiopia at elevations from 4,400 to 6,000 feet above sea level within the biggest catchment area in Ethiopia.

Guji Coffee

Guji lies in the Oromiya region of southern Ethiopia. Coffees sourced from this region used to be classified together with Sidaamo, but have since been recognised for their distinct.

Nekemte Coffee

Nekemte is a market town in western Ethiopia, lying just over 300k west of Addis Ababa in a region of high rainfall and many hills. Coffee grows in rust-red volcanic soils.

Limmu Coffee

Limmu is a rugged, mountainous region stretching from south-central to south-western Ethiopia, part of the Oromiya Zone, that produces primarily washed coffees.